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Collective Worship

Collective Worship is held daily. We start by opening the worship box and taking out its contents: the Bible representing God the Father, the cross representing God's son,Jesus and the candle representing the Holy Spirit. Monday to Thursday, we listen to stories from the Bible, reflect on our value of the moment and finish with a hymn and a prayer. On Friday, we have a Celebration Assembly where we celebrate a child from each year group who has demonstrated the qualities of our value. We also celebrate achievements both inside and outside of school. Each term on a Wednesday, a different class leads Collective Worship. The children in the class plan, organise and deliver the assembly.


Once a month, the ladies and gentlemen from 'Open the Book' and Anne-Marie & Sally from ICE lead Collective Worship. Reverend Lane also comes in frequently with his wife Catherine to lead worship.

ICE Easter Prayer Spaces

18th May 2018, the Parish Council presented each child with a commemorative mug for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

ICE April 2018

Anne-Marie and Sally, through the story of Joseph, led a Collective Worship on encouraging others and being thankful. They started with a game which demonstrated 'boastfulness' followed by a dramatisation of the first part of the story. Lots of children volunteered for the role of Joseph and his brothers.