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Forest School

Forest School at Rockbeare allows children to develop a connection with the natural world through outdoor exploration.  It promotes holistic development, encourages supported risk-taking and fosters resilience, confidence, independence and creativity by immersing learners in nature. 

'In the embrace of nature, education flourishes and inspiration blossoms'


Our principles for forest school is underpinned by our school values:

Curiosity- encouraging children to explore and wonder about the natural environment.

Adventurous- fostering a spirit of adventure and exploration.

Resilience- building emotional and physical resilience through outdoor experiences.

Environment- developing an appreciation for and understanding the natural world. 

Creating clay faces to show emotions.

Creating minibeasts and habitats.

Andy Goldsworthy inspired nature.


At Rockbeare CofE Primary School children develop a connection with the natural world through the freedom to explore the outdoors and woodland area. Our Forest School approach promotes holistic development and provides opportunities to take supported risks, and develop into resilient, confident, independent, and creative learners through experiencing the natural world.

The Forest School programme is tailored to meet the needs of individuals within that group and is continuously developed as the children grow in confidence, skills and understanding.  

This is an area that is surrounded by mature trees, plants, and bushes to allow the children to be at one with nature. 



Our forest school approach is interweaved into the curriculum and through subjects.  We look for different opportunities for children to learn in the outdoors and explore our wonderful grounds.  Children also look after the animals in the school to embrace the values of care: caring for others, caring for our animals and caring for the environment. 



The impact of our forest school provision will have the following impact:

Confidence- children will develop their independent skills and self confidence as they explore and solve problems.

Social Skills- through team building and group activities like sharing tools and playing, children become more aware of their actions' and consequences on peers.

Language Development- children gain sensory experiences in the grounds which prompt language development.

Motivation and Concentration- children develop a keen interest in participating and improved concentration over longer periods.

Physical Skills- Forest School enhances physical stamina and gross/fine motor skills.

Knowledge and Understanding- Children develop an interest in natural surroundings and respect for the environment, their peers and animals.