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Phonics in Preschool


There are lots of phonics programmes out there—but Sounds-Write is based on a model grounded most fundamentally in the development of teacher knowledge. By equipping education professionals with superior literacy teaching capabilities, they have it in their hands to shape a generation of children’s futures according to the latest innovations in teaching and child development.


From Preschool to Year 6, students learn the concepts necessary for proficient reading and writing. They master the 175 most common spellings of the 44 sounds in English through reading and writing polysyllabic words, as well as following our two codes:

  • the Initial Code (Preschool/Reception)
  • the Extended Code (Year 1 onwards).

Sounds-Write requires minimum planning, preparation, and expense to implement. Based on the latest research into cognitive load theory and the principles of direct instruction, the programme has been specially designed to accelerate learning—no matter the student’s level.

Preschool's writing journey


Spring term

This term we are looking at the sounds m,a,t,s,i. We have created words such as: mat, sat, sit on our whiteboards.

Look at what we have done!

We have been building words!

Summer term

This term we are looking at the sounds m,a,t,s,i,n,o,p. We have created and written words such as: pot, tin, man on paper. Look at what we have done!