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Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. It consists of two children from each year group who have been nominated and voted for by their peers. The vote takes place annually in September. School Councillors hold their office for one year and then have a year out before being eligible to run for office again.

A member of staff supports the children at their meetings. They bring ideas on a variety of aspects of school life and discuss possible changes or improvements that could take place. 


Our School Council Representatives from Y1-Y6:


             Council Updates from 2020-2021                


School Council report  by Ruby:

On 19th March 2021, Rockbeare School held a Red Nose Day.  Cobden started the day by doing some red nose anagrams.  Some of them were nose puns like ‘nose it all’ and ‘snootankhamun’.  Most of the class found it very funny, whilst others smacked their heads in disappointment.

Next, we were given the task of finding smaller words on whiteboards, Comic Relief, Red Nose Day and Charity.  The most words were found by Ruth with 26 words!

After that, we all did a Red Nose Day word search.  We also did a nose and spoon race where we had to balance our nose on our spoon and cross the line first.  Seb won all the races.

In the afternoon, we had a joke competition where the winner received a red nose.  They were shared in our Celebration Worship and were all very funny and made us all laugh. 

Winners:   Lions = Hattie, Ford   = Layla, Southbrook = Bella and Lara, Cobden = Esme