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Summer, Maxwell, Reverend Bernard Lane and Mrs Davies.



The Dot whole school display

Mental Health/Ethos Day December 2020

First Federation Trust Ethos Day at Rockbeare


Rockbeare Ethos Committee hosted this Federation day based on our trust value of ‘Flourish’. We welcomed children from Hawkchurch, Musbury, Willowbank and Sidmouth schools.


The day began with a general knowledge quiz on the brain and its capacity – did you know that we have 100 billion brain cells? This was followed by learning about ‘My Fantastic Brain’ - the different areas of the brain: cerebrum, hippocampus, cerebellum, amygdala and the prefrontal cortex.


Later in the day, we began designing our entries for the Spirited Arts Competition. The competition is world wide and organised by the National Association of Teachers of RE. We worked in our school groups on the theme of ‘God’s good earth’.

Toilet Twinning- Chicken Poo Bingo & Cake Sale

Aspire Ethos day at Lady Seaward's 24/09/19

Pentecost Ethos Day - Friday 14th June

Noah's Ark Ethos Day - Friday 8th February

First Federation Ethos Day - Thursday 12th July

Ethos Day at Chudleigh Knighton.

We met up at the church to make bracelets. The bracelets had to have 3 colours to link up with the 3 symbols of God the Father, God's son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. After that we looked around the church.


After break, we did a dance with music. Then we went inside to make windmills; meanwhile Tempy made a nest to represent our school which would remind them of us. It was really good fun.


Finally, we made some salt dough and shaped it into things linked to the Holy Trinity.


By Mia (Ethos Committee representative)


Church Worship once a month.


The ethos committee wanted to improve the links with the church. We have started to have worship in church once a month. Here are the photos from the first one.