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Visions and Values



We aim to treat every pupil as unique in the sight of God, to create an atmosphere of serving others and to provide a Christian environment.


Empowering every individual as they learn and grow through God's love by:

Fostering an awareness of Christian faith and values

Inclusiveness, accepting each other's individuality

Partnership with families and the community

Creating a nurturing learning environment

Engaging with today's world and culture


Rockbeare Church of England Primary School and Pre-School  lies at the heart of the village and the community which serves it and has a proud history beginning some time before 1872. We cannot be sure of the exact date as the original Trust Deed was destroyed in the Exeter Blitz.


We do know, however, that Rockbeare Church of England Primary School began in what is now the lower classroom, Ford, with donations given by the Bolitho family. The land was rented by the church for an annual fee of five shillings.


The newer part of the building was completed in the late 1950’s when the existing site and further buildings were given by Mrs Dorothy Margaret Follett, grandmother of the late Mrs Caroline Noel of Rockbeare Manor.


Our school emblem portrays a pelican plucking feathers to make a nest for it’s young, symbolising the care and protection we value within our school. The lectern in St Andrews and St Mary’s Church, Rockbeare, is in the form of a pelican instead of the more usual eagle.


School Aims

Rockbeare Church of England Primary School seeks to develop and enrich the lives of all those associated with it - the children, their parents, the staff, the governors and the wider community.

As a Church of England School we aim to treat every pupil as unique in the sight of God, to create an atmosphere of serving others and to provide a Christian environment.


We aim to:

  • Develop opportunities to promote the teaching of Christian values and Spirituality as the basis of our school life and for the future.
  • Create a safe, warm friendly school with a stimulating learning environment where children gain confidence and enjoy learning.
  • Develop quality learning experiences to encourage lively, enquiring minds and a life-long love of learning.
  • Match the curriculum to the needs of the children and encourage them to make positive contributions in lessons.  All children have the right to learn.
  • Develop children who will be able to make good choices in the future and become confident, independent healthy adults well prepared in all areas, respecting the values and beliefs of others.
  • Encourage the active involvement of parents and the community


Our 3 'Rights'

Right to be Safe and Feel Safe

Right of Respect

Right to Learn